Thank You Slide Templates (and Creative Alternatives)

Written by: Adrienne Johnston

Trying to decide how to end your presentation?

Trying to decide between a thank you and a call-to action slide? Today I’m going to tell you exactly why you should ditch the thank you slide and give you some alternative ideas on how to end your presentation meaningfully.

The practical reality is that we present information because we want something to be different at the end of the presentation, right? We want to inspire action.

1. We want to raise money for a cause or product we believe in.

2. We want to acquire a new client.

3. We want to share inspirational ideas and technology that can change the world.

Whatever the purpose of your presentation, saying “thank you” and throwing up a slide with a large “thank you” on it, is not a meaningful close to a presentation. And, it’s certainly an opportunity lost.

You need to start preparing for your presentation by getting very clear on what you want to achieve. What is the action that you want to inspire at the end of your presentation?

Now, honestly ask yourself, is the thank you slide supporting that goal?

In most cases, the answer is no.

How do you end a presentation without a thank you slide?

If you’ve done your job properly, your audience will never be more inspired to take action that right at the end of your presentation. So, find a way to capitalize on it.

At this point, while they’re still focused on you – and pumped for the cause. Now is when you make your ask. Have your Call-to-Action right up on the screen.

You’re Call-to-Action (CTA) is providing clear instruction on what you’re telling the audience do next. Here are some examples of what that might look like:

1. Join your email list for more info

Instead of the thank you slide, you may opt to have your audience go to a special landing page that you have created just for the event. That landing page can say Thank you! and provide an offer of some sort to the audience like:

a free copy of your e-book on your presentation topic

provide access to your calendar to schedule a one-on-one discussion

a weekly newsletter update that keeps your audience up-to-date on your topic

2. Keep in touch via social media

You can ask your audience to keep in touch with you via your social media channels. Don’t share all of your social channels, but one or two that you are active on and that help drive your ultimate goal forward.

3. Make a donation

Trying to raise money for a special cause? Give clear instruction on how to donate, and if possible, an incentive to donate while they are sitting at the table. You could even integrate a live view of the fundraising goals into the presentation/screen to create social proof and inspire each individual to participate.

Donation Call to Action Example

Donation Call to Action Example

4. Clearly define next steps

Especially in the case of an investor meeting or sales meeting, it’s important to be the one driving the process forward. If investors or prospective clients are interested in working with you, make it easy for them to understand what next steps are. Should they send you specific information? Do you need to send them a contract or proposal? Make it easy to say yes and keep the ball rolling.

Next Steps Example

Next Steps Example

Next Steps Example


In conclusion, your audience will never be more stoked about you and your presentation than they are as your content winds down. Don’t waste a precious opportunity to capitalize on their enthusiasm by using a boring thank you slide. Instead replace that traditional thank you slide with an impactful call-to-action that motivates the audience to take action soon – if not immediately.